Friday, 27 May 2016

How to Create a Successful Website for Affiliate Marketing?

Once you have read my previous post, then it provides a great insight on how affiliate marketing works. I am not leaving you anywhere in the mid of the road but guides you how you can achieve great success by creating your own site.

When I created my first site, then I was jubilant to see that. Before this, I always thought that it is very difficult to create, but once I dig deeper, I come to know that it is not as much difficult as I often thought.

I am now listing key steps for successful website creation;

1). Choose a domain name

Domain name is simply an address of your site. Like if we look at Google then its domain is, so as for Facebook.

There are many places you can use for this purposes, but I do prefer to choose Namecheap, GoDaddy, or Dynadot. It is not too costly as these registrars just charged $8 to $15 per year.

Choose a domain name that is related to your site but it is preferable to choose a brand name and build your brand. The benefit of choosing a brand name is that you can add additional categories to your site and make them an authority site.

2). Select a Hosting Package

Once you have to buy your domain name, then the next step is to buy hosting and in a simple way it is a place where your files are stored and someone type address of site then it will open from that place.

There are numerous hosts out there, but I would recommend HostGator and Bluehost. Always choose the package that allows you to host unlimited sites. It may cost little more than the basic package but believe me, if really worth.

The hosting packages start from $40 to $150 per month. Choose the one that best fits the budget.

3). Keyword Research

The best way is to create an account with the Google keyword planner and search there. It will provide nearly 800 related keywords and choose any keyword that has more than 3000 searches. Once you select this, the next step is to check the competition for this keyword.
Go to Google and search this keyword, if the results are less than 500,000, then this is very easy to rank keyword.

4). Install Wordpress

Wordpress is CMS system, and you need to install because it makes all the task very simple. Here is complete step by step guide;


5). Content Writing

This is the most important part. Content is the king. I emphasize that you should write at least 2000 word article, and your site should have minimum ten articles on specific keywords based on the criteria stated above.

6). Promoting your Site

The keywords you are working on are very low competition keywords and after writing such content, you can easily see those keywords on Google 2nd or 3rd page. Create social media accounts and share those content on social media accounts. The next step is to use guest posting for your site and send few authority links to the home page.

Most of the keywords start to move from page 2nd to page one and sending more links to bring to you the first page of Google.

7). Promote Related Products

You could easily find products on Amazon, Clickbank, and other platforms. Only promote related products and those that offers good commission.

I know the whole step is pretty simple, and I am doing this all the time. If you still are not clear then drop a comment below, I will help you. Thanks

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